Diamond Award Unveiled

Diamond Award Unveiled

Last night the official logo for the fabulous new Diamond Award was revealed to the public for the first time!

This Quality Mark will be awarded to Employers with 30% (or more) of their employees giving through Payroll Giving, from 2018 onward, however special acknowledgement was given at the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards last night to those companies who were already reaching this phenomenal level of uptake, raising the Payroll Giving bar even higher!    (https://www.payrollgivingorgs.co.uk/national-payroll-giving-excellence-awards/)

Payroll Giving turned 30 in April this year (2017) and the Diamond Quality Mark is a fitting tribute to a scheme that’s raised over £2 Billion for thousands of charities, and has 1 million employees now donating every month! https://www.payrollgivingorgs.co.uk/payroll-giving-30/

If you or your company would like to know more about Payroll Giving, Quality Marks or would like help in increasing the number of employees who give from their pay in your organisation then please get in touch with one of the APGO members – any of whom would be delighted to help: https://www.payrollgivingorgs.co.uk/members

23rd November 2017|