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At Charitable Giving we are proud to have grown over 30 years to be one of the largest Payroll Giving Agencies. Payroll Giving is our core business and we now consistently distribute in excess of £1 Million each month on behalf of over 1200 clients to more than 4000 charities. Our success is driven by both innovation and by providing excellent customer service.

Our clients range from small independent businesses to large corporate organisations and high street names.

As a charity ourselves we are able to offer our clients the competitive administration fee of just 25p per monthly donation (or a capped percentage rate if that is preferable to them) thus ensuring that as much money as possible arrives quickly with the charities for whom it is intended.

Please see our website for more about Payroll Giving, Options Accounts, Match Funding Management Programs and other services we offer to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility.”

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Registered Charity No: 1128013