GoodPAYE is the UK’s only professional fundraising organisation wholly owned by charities.Formed through a partnership between Barnardo’s, Crisis, the Royal British Legion, RNIB, and WaterAid, GoodPAYE aims to revolutionise payroll giving. We offer a free-to-use, comprehensive end-to-end solution for organisations of all sizes, combining traditional fundraising expertise with cutting-edge digital capabilities to make payroll giving accessible to all employees across the UK.GoodPAYE, in partnership with PayCaptain PGA, is the most efficient, and impactful way for employees of any business to donate to their chosen charities directly from their salary, tax-free and hassle-free.

We are the only APGO Member offering a fully integrated one-stop shop for payroll giving, eliminating the need to manage two separate PFO and PGA contracts for promotion and payments. This greatly simplifies the payroll giving process for employers, enabling them to focus solely on what really matters: increasing their social impact.