Working with Employers

Payroll Giving Agencies and Professional Fundraising Organisations work with employers to promote Payroll Giving to their employees.

Our members assist employers in re-launching existing schemes or introducing and promoting Payroll Giving in organisations new to the scheme.

The most effective way to promote Payroll Giving is to speak with employees face-to-face and our members’ expertise and resources can be used to make Payroll Giving schemes as successful as possible.

The APGO provides employers with an opportunity to work exclusively with one member through our Single Agreement list.

  • Any employer may set up a Payroll Giving scheme free of charge, no matter how large or small their organisation
  • Payroll Giving enhances any existing Corporate Social Responsibility scheme or allows an organisation to create one around it, to build valuable links with their local community
  • Employers can advertise their success with the Payroll Giving Quality Mark and have their employees’ efforts recognised by applying for a National Payroll Giving Excellence Award

Any organisation can quickly and easily set up a Payroll Giving scheme by signing a contract with an HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency (PGA). See our members’ page for contact details.

  • Payroll Giving provides a regular income stream and rapid access to funds allowing charities to spend less time fundraising and more time to concentrate on their core work
  • Statistically Payroll Giving donors maintain their commitment the longest, exactly the kind of loyal support that charities most appreciate
  • As Payroll Giving donations are not eligible for Gift Aid, the cleared funds they receive each month are free of any administrative burden
Once an employer sets-up a Payroll Giving scheme:

  • Employees are free to decide how much they wish to regularly give and may elect to support any UK registered charity or charitable organisation
  • A deduction is made every pay day from each employee‘s gross pay
  • The employer makes a transfer of funds representing the accumulated deductions to the contracted PGA with a reconciled schedule of employees‘ contributions
  • The PGA will collate the deductions and distribute them to chosen charities each month
There are virtually no costs other than:

  • The time taken to set up the scheme and promote it to employees
  • A small administration charge to cover the cost of processing and distributing the monies to charity

The administration charge is agreed between the employer and their chosen PGA and can either be deducted from each donation or paid by the employer on behalf of their employees – in which case it is a tax-allowable expense against profits.

More and more employers are choosing to further support their employees’ efforts by enhancing their individual contributions with an additional ‘match’ payment from their own Corporate funds.

This can be a regular capped amount or a one-off new joiner incentive. Corporate funds donated this way can also be charged against profits as a charitable donation.

Why not ask a Payroll Giving Agency or Professional Fundraising Organisation for advice on how matching could work for your company?

Promoting a Payroll Giving Scheme

The most effective way to encourage employees to sign up to a Payroll Giving scheme may be to engage a Professional Fundraising Organisation (PFO).

A PFO will thoroughly discuss an employer’s requirements and liaise closely with them to ensure promotional activities are designed to suit their employees and their workplace

They can visit the workplace to run face to face promotions and can arrange a quick and easy online sign up facility for an employer to circulate to employees.

A PFO will also assist in setting targets for participation and submitting applications for awards if appropriate.

As PFOs are funded by the charities that they work with, they make no charge to employers for their services.

See our members’ page for contact details of our PFO members – Hands On, Payroll Giving In Action, STC Payroll Giving and GoodPAYE.